Why work at TEDIS ?


Our international dimension offers our employees the opportunity to embark on a unique professional adventure.

Working at TEDIS means joining a dynamic and innovative group, whose DNA is built on strong human values, dedicated to sharing know-how and expertise. With its wide range of professions, including pharmacists, logisticians, IT professionals, finance experts, marketing specialists, sales representatives, and promoters, TEDIS offers the opportunity to choose the right role for you, to grow and potentially even change your living environment across 15 professions, 20 countries, and 3 continents.

Do we have a shared future?



At TEDIS, we recruit talented individuals each year who are seeking a new adventure. Founded on respect, diversity, and equal opportunities, our recruitment policy is committed to fostering the personal growth of every individual. Our recruitment approach adheres to ethical commitments and the core values of the Group.

STEP 1: Each position has an approved description outlining key duties and responsibilities.

STEP 2: Sourcing and candidate selection are based on non-discriminatory criteria.

STEP 3: We prioritize initial video conference interviews. Subsequent interviews are conducted in person at our premises, with all recruitment stakeholders present (HR, immediate supervisor, department colleague, management) depending on the stage.

We make it a priority to provide a clear response to every application received as promptly as possible.


Employee Tracking

We work every day to support and nurture our teams.

Our commitment is to provide each individual with the opportunity to learn and grow. We encourage diversity of profiles and foster a collective spirit.



We regularly develop an individualized support plan for each of our employees.

This plan is based on the strategic developments of the Group and the skill enhancement needs of our teams.


Developments & prospects

With a strong growth dynamic, both in the evolution of our business expertise and in our international growth, we support the success of our employees.

We are committed to encouraging our employees to envision, evolve, and grow within the company.

We ensure to accompany them in their evolution, either vertically in management roles or horizontally, towards the future professions offered by pharmaceutical distribution.