Exclusive Distributor

Trust as a shared value

More than a partner, TEDIS acts as an exclusive distributor on behalf of several laboratories. TEDIS becomes the official representative to all healthcare stakeholders in the country or territories entrusted to it.

Commitment & Capability

Commitment & Capability

TEDIS embraces the codes and practices specific to its partner and commits to upholding their quality and quantity objectives.

Choosing TEDIS as an exclusive distribution partner guarantees the commitment of an international company and the strike capability of a recognized local player in the face of competition.

Key differentiating factors

Healthcare logistics expertise across 3 continents
A 100% cold chain management dedicated offering
Expert in B2B and B2C commercial relationships
Utilization and mastery of market statistics data
Risk management & debt collection
Dedicated professional teams provision
Key differentiating factors


Business strategy
Quantitative objectives
Marketing & Promotion
Pharmaceutical affairs
Compliance with HQSE standards
P&L management
Data production and analysis
Stock management

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