A global vision
for local actions

TEDIS has more than 6 pharmaceutical distribution subsidiaries operating on 3 continents. The Group ensures daily supply to pharmacies, public health institutions and all local healthcare stakeholders in both urban and rural areas.

Our subsidiaries enable enhanced access to medications everywhere and for everyone.

Every year our network keeps expanding to new territories

With a commitment to meet new expectations and needs of our partners and support them in seizing new market opportunities, TEDIS continues to develop complementary expertise and increase its international presence year after year, serving healthcare professionals. TEDIS has efficient logistic platforms and a dedicated facility that specializes in cold chain management, ensuring end-to-end integration of the supply chain connected to a powerful network of subsidiaries.

We have subsidiaries and more than 15 facilities in Africa, Asia, and Europe. Our mission and values place the patient at the heart of our actions. From country to country, we are a strong and reliable partner, the preferred interlocutor for our pharmacist clients and our partners in the pharmaceutical industry.

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